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Market Geometry combined with Pattern Recognition

ok.gif (1001 bytes) Charting and trading software for stocks and commodity futures with
automated modules for Elliott wave analysis, Elliott Wave counts, Elliott Wave
and trend identification.
ok.gif (1001 bytes) A great tool to support and guide your investment decisions. Precision Trader
is suited for trading, testing and developing trading strategies using
Market Line methods like Median Lines, Action Reaction Lines, Trend Lines
or Warning Lines.
ok.gif (1001 bytes) Study, practice and use methods that generated substantial wealth for
well known  investors like Roger Babson, Dr. Allan Andrews and other
 successful traders.
ok.gif (1001 bytes) Improve your skills before putting real money on the line by simulating your
decisions step by step using Precision Trader's training mode.
ok.gif (1001 bytes) With the Fibonacci tools you can determine important support and resistance
price levels for fine tuning trade entry, setting price targets and stops. 
ok.gif (1001 bytes) End of day data: CSI and ASCII
Elliott Wave Analysis 
 - objective
 - fully automated
Elliott Wave Identification 
 - objective
 - fully automated
Fibonacci Tools
 - Fibonacci Extensions
 - Fibonacci Retracements
 - automated Pivot selection
 - user selection mode
Market Line Methods
 - Median Lines
 - Action/Reaction Lines
 - Trend Lines
 - automated Pivot selection
 - user selection mode
Automated Trend Identification
Change of Trend Identification 
Analysis modules & Features 3.0
ok.gif (1001 bytes) AutoLines - the software selects important turning points for you
ok.gif (1001 bytes) AutoTrend - automated trend identification - Up/Down and non trending markets
ok.gif (1001 bytes) PrecisionTraining - improve your skills before investing real money
ok.gif (1001 bytes) AutoWaves - adaptive method to filter out random noise movements

Market Lines
ok.gif (1001 bytes) Median Lines (Andrews Pitchfork)
ok.gif (1001 bytes) Shiff Median Lines
ok.gif (1001 bytes) Reinhart Median Lines
ok.gif (1001 bytes) Warning Lines
ok.gif (1001 bytes) Action/Reaction Lines
ok.gif (1001 bytes) 2P/3P/Trend Lines


AutoTrend Module
After market analysis completes press CTRL+B for AutoTrend bar coloring (you can find some examples on the Analysis page).
  AutoTrend Bar-Colors
  BLUE Up Trend
  GREEN Down Trend
  RED Correction
- of an up trend when following a blue bar
- of a down trend when following a green bar
  BLACK Uncertain Trend

Precision Trader 1.0 and 2.0 were built by Loren Page.

Precision Trader 3 was built by Michael and Pavel Rada.

At the present time the next version is in the design stage, inquiries welcome.

A University of Vienna study in 1999 was conducted by Michael Rada. He polled successful fund managers in Vienna. He asked them about the training they had and to what they attribute their success. Being good money managers all had good stories. However the one common factor they all had in common was taking the Advanced Andrews Course through live seminars conducted by Ron Jaenisch (with the Franz Wanovitz translating) in Vienna.

Michal and Pavel built a sophisticated computer program said to rival trade station for their own use. They made an arrangement with Ron Jaenisch, that he would distribute the graphics charting portion of their software.

What they built was software that has various unique capabilities. These included being able to train the user. A unique pivot lableing method. And a trend forecasting model. All of these were beyond the capabilites requested by Ron Jaenisch.

Michael went on to be the Vice President of R&D for a major London based hedge fund.

Stocks and Commodities Magazine, Singapore based Traders Journal and Traders World Magazine are some of the publications that have published articles written by Ron Jaenisch.

Click on this link and you will see a brief video that will bring you to a new understanding.